How Secure is the information?

This Portal is hosted at webserver. Users may view the security features provided by them.

Access to information contained in this Portal is strictly restricted by username and password, which is encrypted in the host server.

OVERVIEW is a tax organizer designed for Accountancy firms and Tax Practitioners to help them monitor and administer their tax practice.

How does this Portal help you keep track of your clients?

The outstanding Borang B/BE/C report enables you to keep track of all Borang B/BE/C not lodged with the Inland Revenue Board. It also helps you to keep track of your clients' outstanding tax liabilities with the Inland Revenue Board either individually, as a client group or in total for the whole firm. It also helps you to monitor all post-dated cheques held by the firm on behalf of your clients and also to keep track of the administration of clients billings. The correspondence reports keeps track of the progress of all matters pending with the Inland Revenue Board, giving details of staff assigned and date correspondences were received and dealt with.

What is the advantage of using this Portal?

This program is web-based and can therefore be accessed from anywhere with internet access. This program can also be accessed from any device that has web browser support (such as a PDA or GPRS enabled handphone).

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